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Estimate for Design Services

December 22, 2020

This estimate is valid for a period of 30 days.

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Ryan Ostrander Design and Illustration

5236 Salem Hills Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45230
(513) 368-2320

Client Info

Paul Polewaczyk
(513) 813-8863
Primary Contact: Paul Polewaczyk

Project Details

Website – Essential Piano Tuning and Services

Brand new website for Essential Piano Tuning and Services. To include:

Service Web Design and Development Services
Estimated Total $3,780

Web Design/Development Contract

Ryan Ostrander Design and Illustration


What I, Ryan Ostrander, agree to provide

I agree to build a new website from a premium Wordpress theme for Paul Polewaczyk. The website will be designed and built to the clients specifications and will be constructed using the Wordpress platform, enabling the client to add/edit/remove content in the future. The site will be responsive, optimized for view on both desktop and mobile displays. It will be constructed using current coding standards and best practices.

Design Phase

Upon receiving payment ($1,890), signed contract and initial direction, I will meet with the client to discuss design preferences and project objectives. The general design and functionality should align somewhat closely with the default theme's available templates and layouts. Specific requests for customization beyond what the theme is designed to handle by default should be fully defined and approved as feasible within the project's overall scope. Once a concept has been selected and all design aspects approved, the project will progress to the development phase.

Development Phase

After the website design has been approved, I will begin to build the new website. When the website is far enough along to share with the client, a link will be provided to view the website in progress on a development server.

Refinement phase

Client will be provided with a Wordpress user account and a meeting will be scheduled to provide training on the Wordpress administration panel and all custom post types and functionality. The client will then be able to add/edit/remove content directly on the in-progress website. I will then work with the client to add any outstanding content and make any necessary revisions.

Website Launch

Once the site has been completed and approved, I will take the necessary steps to make the site live and activate any remaining functionality.

What you, the client, agrees to

In return for the above-described website design I agree to pay 50% ($1,890) of the total fee ($3,780) as an initial downpayment with the remaining 50% ($1,890) due upon completion and delivery of the finished website, or 180 days from date of signed contract (whichever comes first).


I understand that the website design and files belong to Ryan Ostrander until I have paid him in full. In the event of termination of this Agreement Ryan Ostrander owns the Website and has the right to complete, exhibit, and/or sell the Website Design (but not my business name) if he so chooses. He also owns all the Website design concepts created before I choose the final design.

Use of Website

I understand that once I have paid in full that I have the right to use the Website in all media useful for business promotion and that Ryan Ostrander reserves the right to display the Website for his business promotional use. I also give Ryan Ostrander permission to use my full name, business address, and/or website address, for testimonial purposes on his website or other business related media.

Acceptance of Terms

To accept the terms of this agreement, please provide notification of acceptance within 30 days of this estimate. Please print out and sign two (2) copies of this agreement. Retain one copy of this agreement for your files and mail one copy with your deposit of 50% ($1,890) of website design package to:

Ryan Ostrander
5236 Salem Hills Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45230

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