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Invoice for Design Services

*** Payment Received. Thank you! ***
November 10, 2015
Invoice ID: 1003

Ryan Ostrander Design and Illustration

5236 Salem Hills Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45230
(513) 368-2320

Client Info

(513) 225-0051
Primary Contact: Khaula Sawah, Pharm. D., BCPS

Project Details

Website Updates – UOSSM.us

1. The name change at the top (added UOSSM)

2. I’ve added the Primary initiatives to the main menu

3. I’ve expanded the embed window for your Newsletter PDF. This should improve display and make it a little easier to read.

4. I’ve added the link to Events in the main menu.

5. I’ve repaired the donation receipt name error. Unfortunately, because of the way these forms/pages are constructed, it will not be simple or fast to style the email receipt or the receipt viewable in the browser.

6. I’ve added a ‘Donate’ button in the main menu. Logistically, this is really the only place that it can go without necessitating a pretty involved custom development project.

Service Web Design/Development Services
Total $150

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Ryan Ostrander
5236 Salem Hills Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45230